WA F1000 Round 3

Arise Racing

With a very busy mid part of the season, the Arise team were prepared quickly after the June round 2. Only having 3 weeks between rounds left little time for the cars to be turned around, the drivers to do a test session or two and then the cars prepared again for the race.
With a few winter storms rolling through Perth it was great to see blue skies and sun poke through for the entire day of racing.

Qualifying saw Aaron Love set a blistering 54.2 second lap in clear but very icy conditions. Arise coach BD Soutar-Dawson was of grid 2 narrowly outpacing Henry Lake in position 3 and Adam lisle in position 4. Only 1 tenth of a second separating the three drivers. Tayla Dicker returned for another round and with limited seat time still put the car in 6th place in front of her brother, seasoned F1000 runner, Sam Dicker. Mike Folwell grabbed 8th place and Jordan Oon had a slight mechanical resulting in only 1 lap in qually and a 10th place. It was great to see one of our Arise Radicals competing for the first time with Greg Dicker coming onboard to showcase the Radicals running on the track with the F1000.

Race 1 saw a good fight between the top 4 drivers of Aaron, BD, Henry and Adam. Finishing across the line in that order. Tayla dicker had a good battle in the midfield, coming home in 5th place again beating her brother across the line, who was in 7th. Mike Folwell had a good battle with Jordan, who was recovering from a lap one excursion to finish 9th and 10th. Greg was putting the Radical through its paces and taking the battle to the F1000 of Derek Burns.
Race 2 separated out into battles packs right down the field. BD and Aaron Love fought hard all race finishing nose to tail across the line with Aaron in first. Henry and Adam fought hard, swapping positions multiple times, with Henry coming out on top in 3rd. This fighting brought Tayla into the fray as well, finishing right behind Adam in 5th place. Sam and Jordan swapped positions all race with Sam the eventual winner in 6th. Mike fought hard with Stewart Burns, finishing just behind in 9th. Greg also had a triumph in the Radical, beating home the F1000 of Derek Burns and chasing down Bruce Allen.

With all of the battles in race 2, race 3 was shaping up to be a very exciting once again. It did not disappoint. BD got the jump around the outside of turn 1 on Aaron and put down some quick cold tyre laps to build a small gap. Adam again battle with Henry and Tayla and Sam continued their sibling rivalry for the day. Aaron put his head down and chased hard after BD closing down the gap again and putting on all the pressure he could but BD held on for the win. Adam this time gained the upper hand on Henry, who dropped behind Tayla for a lap or two, to take 3rd with Henry recovering for 4th. Tayla again got had the speed on her brother Sam beating him across the line in 5th. Really impressing with her very limited seat time in an F1000. Jordan was locked in a mid-pack battle and was racing hard with Mike to really push him along. Finishing 8th and 9th. While Greg again got one up on an F1000 in the Radical, finishing 11th.
With only 3 weeks again to round 4 the team will be hard at work to prepare all of the cars and hopefully see some of the drivers putting in some more testing miles.