Radical SR3RS

Arise Racing has a fleet of Radical SR3’s on hand for an awesome racing experience!

The Radicals, being dual control 2 seater vehicles with intercoms geared towards tuition, are an integral part of our Driver Training Programs.

Our Radicals are capable of speeds of up to 220km/h down the main straight at Barbagallo Raceway and cornering forces of up to 2.5G! You will be astounded by the speed and cornering ability of these sensational race cars.

This is a truly exhilirating experience. Radicals are the fastest purpose-built track day race cars money can buy and, guided by our racing drivers and coaches, you will have the drive of your life when you take part in one of our Driver Training Programs or purchase a Passenger Experience.

Arise Racing Radical SR3 Specs

Engine 1340cc Suzuki Hayabusa Engine
Engine Performance 210bhp, 130ft/lbs, 10,500rpm
Weight 570 Kilograms
0-100 km/h 3.1 Seconds
Braking G’s 2.0
Cornering G’s 2.5

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