New Radical SR3RS Cars

Arise Racing

At the end of 2016 Arise Racing began the search for some new Radical Race Cars to add to our fleet.

This would bring our fleet up to 4 and allow us to offer our premium corporate services and driver training to a large group of clients, as well as allow us to have cars on stand by for smaller groups, to keep the day running as smoothly as possible.

After an exhaustive search in Australia, we turned our sights to the global race car market. Two cars where found that where up to our high standard. One car was in Belgium and one in the UK. The UK car was managed by a team of F1 mechanics who run gentleman racers in older spec F1 cars in the Boss GP series. The Belgian car was from a race team that raced the sports car and Radical series’ across Europe. It was a big effort logistically to get the cars together and on their way to Australia. Now they are here and undergoing the final touches by the Arise staff, to get them track ready for our clients.

A new livery package was designed and will see a switch to a black base colour for the new cars. We are excited to see them in final trim and on the track.